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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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ago i think that there's been a challenge and we would like to build off of that. i met that e yet around being able to attend some of the festivities we use to go to with more vigor rather than just get yvette going and a couple of parents but being support by the entire school. and it was definitely i want to take on something by the president to get done this year. finally, after 19 years i say that with some eesht we create
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materials in languages other than english. and this is 20 years into a school in san francisco that's a dive city so, now our recruitment is in chinese and japanese and spanish and finally, there's after 20 years our voicemail is you have an option to leave a message in chinese and spanish. we is hired a colleague who is a valuable errors for our non-speaking english families. we offer evening tours and that's something we hadn't done in the past i know be able to reach out and accommodate families that work during the day. so of those are highly there were a lot of people that showed
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up for those tours. it provides opportunity for families to come and we have them on a friday in the morning. we're not reach all the families we want to be reaching. so i think, you know, those are some of the reasons we haven't been able to reach those families >> okay. thank you commissioner. >> thank you very much. i don't disagree with my colleagues about the concerns around different and lgbt students. i trust that the administration of the school and the parents community is taking in this feedback and will act on that. i want to highlight the fact that the faculty at creative arts charter is union prioritize
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and i want to acknowledge that the community has been through a lot in the past 18 months including a fire next door and all of the destruction that caused as well as the location of the gateway middle school. many parents and faculty of the staff on those issues. i want to acknowledge the community has incurred a lot and i'll be supporting this charter. commissioner haney. well, i first want to thank all the community a that's here and congratulate the school leadership for a really engaged community that's supportive of the school. i've gotten more e-mails of the creative arts than all combined. i think that's a testament to how engaged how special they
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feel about the education that's provided at creative arts. when he think about the type of education we want to give all the students who they are and how to be creative and find their voice. that's clearly happening at creative arts. i had an opportunity to visit creative arts so i would echo those questions and those commits around really figuring out how creative arts can serve the community. this school offers so much to the community. in addition to going to the festivals really work with the organizations and making them a partner and having them
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accompany but we're happy to visit but it's important to invite in the community around i particularly the western edition fillmore and have it be a part of it. you'll see people voting with their feet. two other things i wanted to bring up. one is i know we had what i called in the budget committee a spirited conversation around facility issues mr. davis is smiling. i want to thank the creative arts committee for working with the sfd staff. i know you're planning to grow and as that happens there will be questions. i want to make sure we have the commitment from the creative arts community we don't feel
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like the communication had broken down. i hope oots issues condition to come up and as they do we l have that open communication and collaboration. and commissioner brought this up. i think it's special and want to commend you for having a union in his staff. and when the chart didn't have recommendation i think that's important to pout. the last thing i want to say it restored practices and to the degree our co-op with the department of public services and if you've implement some of the district wide niecht. i hope we can continue this conversation. i think you've heard the
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concerns and hopefully, we won't be happening this conversation again, when we come back and visit and we're able to be a part of it and congratulations to the community too >> thank you so our counselor as well as our special education teachers are using this with the upper grade students they'll sit down and articulate how they can take responsibility and work together with the other person in the conflict to revolve that. it's use in conjunction with our clamor practice which is a little bit more formulated k 5. >> thank you anything else commissioner. all right. so commissioner men and women is so mcdobld then i
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may ask your last question >> thank you manufacture my apologizes for my towardness. i heard this on the radio i heard the hashing out the same things around the different piece. i hope those would get stepped up quite a bit. i think we have quite a bit in terms of sport around that. i really appreciate the uniqueness of the experience that you provide our kids. i've been to your school a couple of times and each time the level of the of of engagement has been great. and i do say it from a unique prospective because the whole idea we can provide that much support in the arts from k to 8
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it incredible. i also appreciate the way in which you've been looking at your fiscal xhoebt as we discussed last week. i have a few questions about you ended up having to cut but i did appreciate there was a level of fiscal prudentcy around that in order to do what you need to do. so my biggest challenge continues to be, you know, wanting to see more of our kids who actually don't have the opportunity to do the kind of things be part of our school community. but as i have in the past i'll be supporting the charter tonight and look forward to spending more time at your school. we appreciate the challenges in the tight space you've accommodated. i know it was difficult in the beginning and we hope the
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community can continue to grow together and i wanted to commend you for the work you've done this far >> commissioner. >> and i don't want you to think i came up here to beat you up. sorry i want to acknowledge all but i want to particularly highlight your operating with u e sf pr i hope other charter schools can see you as a role model how that works and i want to thank u s f s. thank you for accomplishing that the heavier task and making it a reality at your school. thank you >> thank you yes.
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>> i appreciate all the commits that have been made by my colleagues. i want to pout one thing. a lot of of the programs that the school district rubs that my colleagues have referred are you collaborating with we don't provide those things to charter schools. if he wanted to buy things from us they could. i don't want to - we actively relevant way down that road creating our charter stepchildren without them i've said to some of the parents your students don't contribute to the cost of the staff and the programming and all those things so i. asking and, in fact, there was one thing that was referred to in the curriculum committee i have it in my notes.
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in fact, if there are things that do include charter schools in without us knowing about it that are out extra side deals they pay a fee for i'd like to know about them. thank you >> okay. i think my colleagues have pretty much covered it so i don't have any other questions i share the skinners that have been raised and i welcome the dialog around the issues and i'm happy to support a renewal of charter. let's have a roll call for the invitation >> (calling names)
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that's unanimous. congratulations (clapping.) okay. we will move on to item i board member proposals there are none. item j request to speak no one is signed up. item k advisory committee reports. so we're going to hear from the indian education advisory committee. yes. do you want to say something as you are exiting keep our
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voices down we're going to continue on to our meeting. >> you're welcome to stay for the indian advisory report. they have some interesting information they can share with you. >> proceed when you're ready ladies and gentlemen - ladies and gentlemenladies and gentlemen - as you commissioners, i want to let you know there's a power point with this presentation.
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>> good evening board. 50i78 ranch he will i'm the parents advisory chair. i want to introduce you to everyone that's here kevin
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chavez the director of the equity and gloria and a pack parents. mary chavez a parent advisory committee member and our student representative lou. good evening board members i'm a sophomore i'm the youth representative of the youth indian and i'm a member of a tribe. >> i'm also an gold member of the indian community in arrests i want to tell you a little bit about myself i'm a parent of 3 san franciscan graduates this past may. i'm a grand pattern of the 3 one
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at bettingcy carmichael and one at cleveland park. i've - my family have thrived through the cultural base of this program. i want to share with you what the indian education program title vii cultural academic needs of indian and lass can needs of the school district. the parents advisory committee is a group of parents and teachers and community members that help to determine the indian education goals and the services that we provide. the current enrollment of indian
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students in the san francisco district 2013 and fourteen school year is 4 hundred and 65 that are identified as american indian students, however, there's only 1 hundred and 50 students enrolled in the program. some history. in 1972 there was lashed institution to establish the education act. the school districts indian education program was thriving under title 4. it was located in the mission district near other american indian agencies. the district moved across town to the cook street in the sunset where it was readily assessable to the community. students and parents mrarpgs dwindled and the program seized to operate.
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there was at least 5 years that the district didn't provide services for the american indian students. finally, that was run stated it's currently housed at the caesar chavez cafe. it didn't allow space for setting up any cultural displays the library that we have is not accessible to provide information resources not only to our students but to the teachers in the district. a permanent location would allow us to continue housing our mostly family nights offering academic workshops and a hypothetically our parents advisory committee meetings as
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well our community events. the current space is not welcoming or inviting. in the past a permanent location gave the families a sense of community and a plays to go and have immediate access to academic sport in the educational setting. however, with all this in mind soft our successes we've accomplished we offered directly tutoring sires for family science night and have to 2 week summer program. we provide family nights with cultural fun themes. we have an active committee that helps to determine the goals and objectives of the program biensz or based on the data.
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we have our student elected representative. provide expanded educational stunt with college tours to stanford and u.s. santa cruz. support parents and guardians to understand the positive and campfire them to help with the agriculture needs. and to help with the educational language. collaborates annual event and the wisdom of moving forward event >> and our dancipowwow. we collaborator with the american indian community to support the youth and families.
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we received consultant oppose at the schools. >> thank you very much. so along with our successes our changes are the indian education program which are a nonpriority and challenge is to have a permanent location. we need to set up our libraries and a sf d staff to access as well as other resources. the district needs to republic a report that identifies all the current list of american indian students. we have only the information that identifies them but we need all identifies. we need the support the
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distribution for those students who are identified as primary or secondary. the parents want to help with the outreach but access is limited to district employees only. there is a need to educate number one indian students and practices to continue in city hall's. it's still taught by columbus discovered america in texas books. plus schools don't show us in our physical features. support of the identity of our youth and challenged by their myths into the different democracy and lack u67 of
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sensitive it. my family had to travel to get to the american indian day and we notified them in advance and we had to get our counselor evolved to get the negative reserves. we need to integrate this into the educational system from preschool up to high school. now to change our changes into successes the indian education advisory committee requests the priority strips to support the indian program. provide a permanent location specifically in the mission district. support the distribution of
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those who are identifying themselves as indian. and to capture the number of indian students and the missed turn out formula grants. it should provide all the applications in the indian education act. from a report synergy is catch all students who have identified themselves as indians and provide the names to the indian coordinator. by the core curriculum to have the indian education program library materials. those are materials provide an educational opportunity for
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number one native indian students to learn and to hear their stories reflected back to them. on behalf of the indian education program we would like to thank the board for listening to our presentation. thank you. >> thank you. we have a number of public speakers signed up for this item. let me find myocarditis. so we'll hear public system first and go ahead with board commits and questions.
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(calling names) (laughter) you were very eager to speak. so if you would like to give public comment you have two minutes per person. you may approach the mike. first speaker, please >> good evening. i'm mary traveling sister hell i'm a grandmother. i've been involved that the indian education program here since it was title 4. my children went to it. i've been listening to a lot of complimentary about funding opportunity that are missed. you know, needing to come and see our location.
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come to our cafeteria and see what we have for our meeting place. this has been going on this is has been 20 years. we need - i mean, there's a federal obligation american indians are awards of this government. the opportunity of the 506 form that's something that's an obligation for everybody who identifies themselves as a secondary indian. that's funding you're missing. we need to educate our educators. my granddaughter talked about the challenge we had during a federal indian holiday.
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it was - you know, i hesitate here but i want to do this. you know, do you know when american indians were granted citizenship to this country. 18924. that's not been it's ridiculous. that goes back to the point of columbus dloefr american here in the bay area. alcatraz. 1972 couldn't knee. i get it my time is running out. but all those things about hollywood images we need to establish a location to build what we need for your community to educate our students and educate the educators. you want to tub diversity we need to show that by example and
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we ask for your support. thank you. >> good evening members. i'm georgia williams. i was a student who bend from interest program that were i have two children that are in the program. i want to emphasize the importance of findings a location. we've been uprooted and had to restart over. it's been frustrating and disheartening to have our materials boxed up and put in the girls locker room. and to us as families as part of the district i think your families deserve something better than that. i encourage you


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